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Construction inspector

Construction Site Safety

Apex Labor Solutions Provides Construction Site Safety Managers to Protect Workers, Contractors, and Site Owners

New York State is unique in that there are labor laws that specifically put the responsibility of proper construction site safety on the owners of a construction site and the contractors responsible for the workforce.

Provided Service:

  • Consulting services

  • On-site safety professionals 

    • Site safety managers

    • Site safety coordinators

    • Fire safety managers 

    • Construction Superintendent for safety purposes 

  • NYC licensed professionals 

  • New buildings, renovations, and Local Law 11 façade work

  • Safety audits


Construction Site Safety is Everyone's Responsibility


A construction site safety manager is responsible for checking for and enforcing compliance with all local laws related to site safety. They will also review all health and safety regulations designed to minimize the chances of a workplace injury.

Apex Labor Solutions Provide Construction Site Safety Managers


Construction site safety management is a specialty that not all construction companies have on staff. With New York's complex set of Labor Laws that put most of the responsibility for injuries on the owners and contractors, having a site safety specialist is a vital part of staffing your construction project.

Hiring a Construction Site Safety Manager is an added value to any project to help protect the construction workers as well as protect the interests of the contractors and site owners.

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